For the seventh year in a row, we team up with Caffenation, the organisers of the Belgian Aeropress Championship, to create the branding for this event. The creation of the event poster has become a side competition of its own as all over the world the national events show off their skills to have the wackiest or most eye-catching poster of them all. Each year all posters are combined in the Annual World Aeropress Champion book. 


The Atticus Group is a proud partner of this event and invites every coffee lover to pay it a visit. If you want to be amazed by the skills of participants from all over Belgium, this will be the perfect time and place. Maybe if you get lucky, you get to witness the next world champion. Belgium has won the WC three times before, with outstanding performances by Jeff Verellen and Charlene De Buysere.


For the 2017 edition we build the poster around the concept of art with a Belgian touch

2016 Edition
Paper craft

2016 Edition
Paper craft


For the 2015 edition we went all naughty combining the famous Manneken Pis statue with the Aeropress. 


Selected Works

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