For over 15 years Caffenation has been the leading and innovative brand in the speciality coffee landscape in Belgium, the Benelux and Western Europe. Their love for coffee has been an inspiration for coffee professionals and home brewing coffee lovers.


We at AtticusMax are grateful to work for them and although we did not create their iconic logo nor their eye-catching packaging we can say we are the visual curators of this brand. In everything we create, we want it to breathe, smell and feel like the originally created 'Caffenation-style’. From custom hand-drawn fonts used in various prints to building the and maintaining the webshop, everything must have that special Caffenation-touch.

One Drug. One Nation. One Caffenation.

Isometric Web Mockup

Selected Works

AzullBranding | Marketing

RWDMBranding | Social Media Package | Website

CaffenationPrint | Packaging | Branding | Website

Operational Headquarters

Hendrik Consciencestraat 56
2800 Mechelen



Rue d’Accolay / Accolaystraat 15-17
1000 Brussel